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The head office of Turbotect Limited is located in the City of Baden, 388 meters above sea level and 23 km west of Zürich in Switzerland. The first known name for the City of Baden was "Aquae Helveticae" and its famous Thermal-Spa was discovered in 58 B.C., leading to the latter name of Baden.

Baden can easily be reached by direct train using the Swiss Federal Railway system, and takes about 25 minutes from "Zürich Airport" Railway Station.

Meteo Swiss can provide information on the local Swiss weather and give you an accurate forecast for the coming days. Flight information to help organize your travel plans can be obtained from Swiss airline.

We hope the above information will help you to find us. If you have time, the following web sites will also provide additional information about Switzerland, our country, its people and its history.

Our Location In Baden

Turbotect Limited, 15 Badstrasse, 5400 Baden, 2nd Floor
About 3 minutes walking distances from the Baden Railway Station

Hotels In Baden

Hotel Du Parc
(***Best Western):
Tel. 0041 (0)56 203 15 15 Fax. 0041 (0)56 222 07 93 E-mail: office@duparc.ch
Hotel Linde: Tel. 0041 (0)56 222 53 85 Fax. 0041 (0)56 222 07 70 E-mail: reservation@linde-baden.ch
Hotel Blume: Tel. 0041 (0)56 200 0200 Fax. 0041 (0)56 200 0250 E-mail: info@blume-baden.ch
For more hotels see the above web site for the City of Baden.


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