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КомпанияTurbotect Limitedбыла основана в 1978 г. в городе Баден, Швейцария. Она занимается поставками специализированной продукции и предоставлением услуг для энергетического рынка, в первую очередь в области подготовки топлива для газовых турбин и очистке компрессоров газовых турбин.

Turbotect (USA) Inc. was formed in 1999 to serve the North American power generation market, with offices and warehouse facilities in Houston, Texas. Turbotect St. Petersburg Ltd. was established in 1998 to serve the Russian gas turbine and petrochemical markets. Offices, manufacturing and warehouse facilities are located in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia.

Other manufacturing facilities and warehouses are located in Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom, and a worldwide network of subsidiaries and representatives to serve our customers. All Turbotect personnel are well experienced in the specialty subjects of fuel treatment and compressor cleaning and originate primarily from within the gas turbine or petrochemical industries.

Turbotect products are recognized and endorsed by most of the major gas turbine manufacturers and comply with industry standards and specifications.

Turbotect fuel treatment products include a wide range of oil-soluble magnesium-based fuel additives, specially formulated to control high temperature corrosion and ash deposition in gas turbines firing low-grade residual oil, crude oil, contaminated distillate or natural gas. Various combination additives containing magnesium-chromium and magnesium-chromium-silicon are also provided for specific applications.

Other important fuel treatment products include combustion improvement additives to reduce smoke and particulate emissions; lubricity improvement additives for applications involving naphtha, gas condensates and other light distillate fuels; demulsifiers and dehazers for improved water separation in gas turbine fuels; biocides and slime prevention formulations etc.

Turbotect compressor cleaning products include water-based and solvent-based detergents for ON LINE and OFF LINE wet cleaning applications, non-hazardous anti-icing agents for cold weather compressor cleaning, nozzle injection systems, stationary wash skids and mobile wash carts etc.

Turbotect is offering "The Swiss Efficiency Package: Compressor Cleaning Audit" to help operators to maintain compressor clean in order to minimize compressor degradation and to improve plant efficiency and profitability. In the meantime this service has been extended and is offered to any gas turbine operators of any type or make of gas turbine. Experience has shown that this service is very much appreciated by operators and responds to actual needs in the power generation industry.

This web site provides a brief introduction to the Turbotect product range and includes a list of available Turbotect literature. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need any additional information. We appreciate you visiting our web site.


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