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New Turbotect Agency for Finland, September 2009

To provide more efficient and convenient services to Finnish gas turbine owners and operators we are pleased to announce that Messrs. Suomen KL Lämpö Oy, located in Pirkkala near Tampere, is taking over the Turbotect Agency for Finland.
Messrs. Suomen KL Lämpö’s primary business expertise is in water treatment related to the production, transfer and use of energy by developing and manufacturing specialty chemicals to control corrosion and scaling in water systems and improve heat transfer. The agency for the Turbotect product line in gas turbine compressor cleaning technology represents a good fit to the activities of Messrs. Suomen KL Lämpö Oy.
The main office contact address is:

Suomen KL Lämpö Oy
Keisarinviitta 22
FIN-33960 Pirkkala
Phone: +358 20 761 9900
Fax: +358 20 761 9909

We would like to thank Mr. Svante Ernsten for acting as technical consultant and for marketing assistance for Turbotect in Finland for almost over 20 years and we wish him all the best and good health in his retirement.



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