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Turbotect 703

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TURBOTECT 703 is a dual-purpose fuel additive containing both iron and magnesium as active metal components. The product has been specially developed to inhibit high temperature vanadic corrosion of gas turbine blades and vanes and also to reduce particulate emission. It is especially suited to gas turbine fuels that are prone to generate smoke and particulate emissions, and that are also contaminated with relatively low amounts of vanadium – for example “LSWR”, low sulphur waxy residual-grade fuel oil.


  • Organo-metallic fuel additive containing 15 % w/w iron and 2 % w/w magnesium
  • Effective in inhibiting vanadic corrosion and reducing both visible smoke emissions and particulates
  • Improves combustion efficiency and minimizes soot formation


  • Completely oil-soluble and miscible in liquid hydrocarbon fuels
  • Essentially free of any particulate matter
  • Extremely low contaminant level ensures compliance with gas turbine fuel specifications


TURBOTECT 703 is available in non-returnable steel drums (208 litres nominal size) or in bulk.


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