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Turbotect ER-18

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TURBOTECT ER-18 is a high purity iron-based combustion improver that has been specially developed to reduce particulate emissions in gas turbine applications. It is also used as a base to formulate combination additives containing other active metals, such as TURBOTECT 703, a combined iron – magnesium fuel additive for the inhibition of vanadic corrosion and the reduction of particulate emissions.


  • Organo-metallic fuel additive containing 18% w/w iron
  • Effective in reducing both visible smoke emissions and particulates
  • Improves combustion efficiency and minimizes soot formation
  • Also used to formulate other combination additives for treating gas turbine and diesel engine fuels


  • Completely oil-soluble and miscible in liquid hydrocarbon fuels
  • Essentially free of any particulate matter
  • Extremely low contaminant level ensures compliance with gas turbine fuel specifications


TURBOTECT ER-18 is available in non-returnable steel drums (208 litres nominal size) or in bulk.


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