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Деэмульгаторы компании TURBOTECT

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TURBOTECT EP-169, EP-170, EP-171, EP-211, EP-343 and ER-52B are demulsifiers for residual-grade fuel oils and crude oils used in gas turbine applications.


  • Mixtures of alkyl-oxide copolymers and alkylphenol resins in a heavy aromatic naphtha.
  • Formulations are specially designed to improve the rate of water/oil separation in the treatment of low grade residual fuel oils and crude oils.
  • Optimum dosage may vary depending on the actual fuel, the amount and quality of injected wash water, the stability of the emulsion and the separation technology (ie. electrostatic or centrifugal).


  • Efficient water-oil separation avoids emulsion build-up at the water/oil interface.
  • Ensures low water content and low salt content in the treated fuel.
  • Enables good effluent water quality with low oil-in-water content.
  • Fast acting - particularly important on centrifuge applications.
  • Effective on a wide range of heavy residual-grade fuel oils and crude oils.


  • Improves the effectiveness of the separation process.
  • Improves the quality of both the washed fuel and the effluent wash water.
  • Cost effective.
  • Easy to handle and apply.


TURBOTECT demulsifiers are available in non-returnable steel drums (208 litres nominal size) or in bulk.


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