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Turbotect ER-302

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TURBOTECT ER-302 is a fuel additive specially designed to control the negative effects of water contamination in mid-distillate fuels used for gas turbine applications. The product is a highly effective biocide to control bacterial activity and slime formation.


  • Blend of benzothiazole derivatives in a heavy aromatic naphtha solvent.


  • TURBOTECT ER-302 is formulated as a highly effective biocide to control bacterial activity and slime formation and to kill at an early stage most problematic micro-organisms.
  • The product should preferably be injected as far up-stream of the storage tank as possible, and when the delivered fuel is still warm.
  • Biocidal control is improved by regularly drawing-off water from the bottom of the treated storage tank.


  • Effective over a broad range of fuels.
  • Provides rapid treating response.
  • Excellent solubility in mid-distillate fuels.
  • No negative effects on diesel fuel properties and additives (detergents, CFPP, rust inhibitors, etc.).
  • Can be used for routine prevention or at slightly higher treatment rates on a curative basis.
  • Low impact on the environment.


  • Will maintain treated fuel bright and clear.
  • Reduces risk of slime formation and color change of the treated fuels.
  • Toxic to both fungal and bacterial organisms.
  • Contains no chlorine nor metals (which could result in gas turbine hot corrosion).
  • Easy to handle and low toxicity to humans.
  • Good middle- to long-term activity even if treated fuel is transferred several times to other storage tanks or if temperature fluctuates widely.
  • Maintains the properties of the treated fuel such as colour, pour point, cloud point and heat of combustion etc., which are usually affected by the presence of water and/or slime.


TURBOTECT ER-302 is available in non-returnable steel drums (208 litres nominal size).


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