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For further information on the Turbotect Mk3 on line nozzle for compressor washing in large gas turbines please click here.


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Technical note to the filmed icing sequence:

Condensation icing was filmed at 5°C outside air temperature and 80% relative humidity. The condensation icing seen on some of the compressor IGVs' is not yet severe. However, it shows that temperature distortion occur, non homogeneous temperature distribution in front of the IGV section. In addition of possible uneven temperature distribution in front and across the air inlet filtration section, the cause is also due to the design and geometry of the air intake housing and conduit. It is assumed that the air velocity inside the filter housing and conduit, above the floor area, will be slightly higher than across the top area. This, because the air stream in the top area of the housing will be more subject to squeezing by reduction of dimensions and connection to the air conduit.

Thus, irreversible losses - static temperature drops, and air pressures and velocities will not be uniform in all air streamlets across the air flow, leading to temperature distortion in front of the IGV section.

Also, turbulences due to bends and the design of the lower plenum part will not help much for homogenisation of temperatures because of the continuity and dynamic of the air stream through the gas turbine compressor.

Note that condensation icing leads to changes in the blade profile resulting in an increase of losses in power output and efficiency. Also un-uniform distribution of icing deposition can lead to air mass flow imbalances and local mechanical stresses.